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Posted by on 24th June 2014, Tuesday pm30 1:17 pm Comments: 0

As my business has changed over time new challenges have emerged. Not only is most of the software I use 'virtual' but so is my new personal assistant, Becky.

The geographical distance between us precludes regular meetings, our working days precludes regular phone conversations and although an obvious solution, email does present it's own challenges. more …

Posted by on 20th June 2014, Friday pm30 1:55 pm Comments: 0

Imagine the scene, it’s just before Christmas 2009 there’s so much to do and so little time… not a great time for my office server to fall down dead!

So I had a choice, either buy a new server, rebuild the software, restore all my data backup and try to get it going again (that would be 5 days I’d never get back!) OR… I could do something very different. more …