Virtual IT Director

During many years of helping companies with their business systems, we’ve noticed that most small and medium sized organisations operate without a senior management representative responsible for IT. How crazy is that?

The business owners we help are all very aware of how valuable their IT systems are, and they also understand the huge impact it has when these systems don’t work effectively, but when it comes to taking care of the systems they rely on most they usually hire someone junior, or pay an external support company.

So What’s the Problem?

Businesses replace, upgrade or expand their IT systems periodically, normally to keep up with operational changes or to replace out of date technology. For organisations that just have an IT department and no senior level representation here lies the problem.

External IT support companies usually have a strong affiliation to a particular brand of hardware and software. Yes, you’ve guessed it, this brand they will recommend to you, even if doesn’t fit right or is more costly than necessary.

Even if the business has an in house IT technician, they will often only recommend a product they are comfortable with or have experience using.

In both of these situations it is highly unlikely that the business will end up with a best fit system.

How Can X10D Help?

At X10D we’re independent of software and hardware brands, we will always do good research only ever recommend products or systems that will truly fit with how your business operates. Because we’re independent we can recommend any brand and our recommendation is often a cheaper (but not lesser!) option.

By spending time working with your business, we can evaluate how your operation is managed, and consequently identify new systems, updates or replacements that may be required. By using efficient and relevant systems your business can improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase turnover.

Your IT system is one of your most valuable assets, it has the capability to transform how you operate. X10D are passionate about helping you get the most out of your systems.

We offer a full range of services which include:

  • Needs analysis – reviewing what systems your business should require to operate at its full potential.
  • Operational culture review – reviewing how your teams operate to assess how best to support this
  • Strategic planning – short, medium and long term plans for managing your business systems.
  • Board representation – addressing and advising the Board on IT strategy and requirements
  • Ongoing advice – once we get to know your business we can always be on hand to offer advice

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Virtual IT Director

Case Studies/Articles

Imagine the scene, it’s just before Christmas 2009, there’s so much to do and so little time… not a great time for my office server to fall down dead!

So I had a choice, either buy a new server, rebuild the software, restore all my data backup and try to get it going again (that would be 5 days I’d never get back!) OR… I could do something very different.

It was an easy choice, it was time to do something very different!